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Judging Criteria

Understanding the judging criteria process will ensure that athletes are properly prepared to compete in their chosen class.

Each division has specific criteria; knowing specifically what the judges are looking for will help competitors avoid been marked down.

Men and women in the Bodybuilding Divisions will be judged through a series of poses that will allow the judges to evaluate not only individual body parts, but also the “whole package.”

Men wear a bodybuilding posing suit; women wear a two-piece bodybuilding suit with or without embellishments.

Athletes are judged in (3) rounds:

  • Symmetry encompasses overall balance and conditioning
  • Muscularity and conditioning judges mass, definition, and proportion
  • Free posing round (60 Seconds)

Figure is a class of physique competition judged equally on symmetry, muscle tone, and stage presence.

Athletes wear two-piece figure suit; thongs or T-back bottoms are not allowed. The suit may be embellished with rhinestones, sparkles, or sequins for added effect. High-heeled shoes are required. Jewelry and body piecing is allowed, but must not be offensive or obscure the physique.

The Figure Division is judged in three (3) rounds:

  • Symmetry takes into account balance and proportion; physiques should be symmetrically balanced with no one body part overpowering the rest of the body.
  • Tone focuses on moderate muscle tone; leanness and muscle development is expected, however competitors must not be over conditioned as in the Bodybuilding.
  • Presentation / Stage Walk.  Overall stage presence as well as hair, make-up, attire, and accessories that compliment and enhance the athlete’s figure is judged in this round.

Physique Division competitors are lean, fit and muscular, yet do not have the muscle mass or extreme leanness required for the Bodybuilding Division. Competitors are also judged for their male fitness model qualities.  Grooming and overall aesthetic appeal are taken into consideration as judges look for the best overall package.

Athletes wear conventional Board Shorts with relatively loose legs.

The Men’s Physique Division is judged in (3) rounds:

  • Symmetry takes into account balance and proportion: physiques should be symmetrically balanced with no one body part overpowering the rest of the body
  • Tone focuses on moderate muscle tone: leanness and muscle development is expected. Judges are looking for, Nicely shaped overall muscle, a small waist, good V-taper and good abdominal definition
  • Presentation / Stage walk, overall stage presence

The Bikini Division is a women’s physique division designed to find athletes with a fit and shapely body that is not heavily muscled or over defined.

A traditional two-piece bikini posing suit is worn and may be multi-colored or solid, and embellishments are permitted; thongs or t-backs are not allowed. High heals are required and jewelry is permitted.

Competitors are judged in three (3) rounds:

  • Overall fitness and balance in the Bikini division is achieved through a lightly muscled and not overly lean physique as to Figure or Bodybuilding.
  • Presentation takes into account grooming, tan, hair & make-up, and suit selection
  • The stage walk allows competitors to show grace, poise, and confidence as well as executing mandatory poses (quarter turns)


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