Can I compete in a few classes?2019-01-24T16:33:42+00:00

Athletes can compete in 2 classes, so for Males it can be Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique (you cannot compete in 2 bodybuilding classes) Females can compete in both the Trained Figure and Bikini.

You will have to purchase a separate entry for each class (Please check the guidelines for the classes you are entering)


Where can I check the banned substance list?2019-01-24T16:31:50+00:00

It can be viewed on www.worldnaturalbb.com/drug-testing-banned-substances/ It is the athletes responsibility to make themselves fully aware of the banned substance list.

How many years do i need to be drug free?2019-01-24T16:32:27+00:00

All NBFI must be 10 years drug free of prescription/pharmaceuticals hormones on the banned substance list and two years free of over-the-counter hormones, pro-hormones or banned substances listed or the chemical counterparts, unless otherwise noted, prior to their first NBFI competition.

Do I need to purchase membership?2019-01-04T09:36:01+00:00

All athletes, with no exception, MUST purchase membership.

What is the minimum age for me to compete?2019-01-04T09:32:05+00:00

The minimum age to compete is 16 years old.

What is the age cut off for Junior bodybuilding?2019-01-04T09:36:39+00:00

The age limit to compete in Junior Bodybuilding is 23 & under. For clarification this limit is 23 years & 364 days.

What is the age cut off for Teenage bodybuilding?2019-01-04T09:37:23+00:00

The age limit to compete in Teenage Bodybuilding is 18 & under. For clarification this limit is 18 years & 364 days.

How and where do I send my Music?2019-01-04T09:37:53+00:00

Music will ONLY be accepted on an MP3 file. It must be emailed to info@nbfi.ie clearly stating you name, class and whether you want the music to be played at the side of the stage (before you come onto the stage) or center stage (when you are standing center stage). Please note No music is required if you’re competing in the following classes Men’s Physique, Bikini or Trained Figure.

Do I need to bring any form of ID with me on the day?2019-01-04T09:38:22+00:00

All competitors must have a valid passport or driver licence with them on the day.

What is the definition of Novice?2019-01-04T09:38:48+00:00

Novice competitors are either first time competitors, someone who has competed and has not placed, or has not placed top three in an Open class.

Am I required to provide urine test?2019-01-04T09:39:16+00:00

We test all class winners and will also carry out random testing during the day of the competition. We also do random off-season testing. Failure to take the test will results in automatic an life time ban.

Will I need to do a polygrah test?2019-01-04T09:39:47+00:00

We test all class winners and will also carry out random tests during the day of the competition. We also do random off-season testing. Failure to take the test will results in an automatic life time ban.

I’ve not received my membership card can I still compete?2019-01-04T09:40:21+00:00

Yes you can. Physical cards are not issued by the NBFI. We have a database of members that we check on show-day at Athlete’s registration.

I’ve not received a confirmation email following my registration?2019-01-04T09:40:53+00:00

We will endeavour to send you a confirmed email in 24-48 hours. If you haven’t received confirmation within this time frame, then please send an email to info@nbfi.ie

Where is the Tanning done?2019-01-04T09:41:20+00:00

We will have an official tanner at the venue, however, please note the NBFI are not responsible for the Tanning so please do not email us looking for information. Please direct all enquiries to the official tanner.

Can we use instant tans?2019-01-04T09:41:45+00:00

Instant tans are not allowed in the NBFI e.g Dream tan & Panatta etc.We have banned instant tans as they do not dry and rub off easily damaging the venue.

Can my coach, trainer or family go back stage?2019-01-04T09:42:11+00:00

ONLY competitors and NBFI personnel are allowed back stage at any time. If we see any family members, friends or coaches back stage with you we will have no other option but to DISQUALIFY you. This will be STRICTLY enforced.

Can I have post-show feedback from the judges?2019-01-04T09:42:35+00:00

We get lots of requests each year after the show for feedback. As you can appreciate it’s very hard for Judges to remember everyone after the show so if you require feedback then I suggest you approach the judges at the interval or at the end of the show. Please note No Feedback will be giving out after show day. The best feedback you’ll get for yourselves is from your stage shots so best to get signed up to the official photographer.

How do I get selected for International events?2019-01-04T09:43:01+00:00

To be selected to represent NBFI overseas you will typically need be a high standard athlete and be competitive on the international stage, winning your class does not automatically qualify you.

I’m not sure which class to compete in?2019-01-04T09:43:31+00:00

Take a look on-line where there are literally hours of video footage & hundreds of images from previous shows. We can guide & suggest what we feel is best, however the responsibility to register & follow the criteria lies with the athlete alone.

Can I get a refund?2019-01-04T09:43:59+00:00

Broadly speaking, no. We are prepared to carry your membership or entry fee over to another future event if circumstances warrant it. Obviously, we will take individual circumstances into account.

Can I register on the day?2019-01-04T09:44:26+00:00

No. You must pre-register on-line at www.nbfi.ie

Can I buy a ticket on the door?2019-01-04T09:45:25+00:00

We will never give a guarantee of ticket availability, our suggestion is that you ALWAYS buy in advance from the venue.


To join the NBFI you must complete an online membership form and pay the relevant fees.