The NBFI operates in accordance with the WADA list of prohibited substances and methods.  The current list can always be found at

All NBFI promoted events are drug tested by one or more methods including urinalysis, blood sampling and approved Lie Detection Technology (with the NBFI reserving the right to test by any other additional legitimate means of testing available without prior notice) either at a NBFI sanctioned event (all of which will feature drug testing by at least one of the aforementioned methods) or “out of competition” at any place they may be for the duration of their membership and for a period of 2 years after their most recent membership has expired.  If selected for a test, an athlete has no right of refusal.  Athletes aged under the age of 18 or with limited ability to consent will not be tested without the consent and presence of a parent/guardian/appropriate adult of their choosing and the approval of the testing official.

To be eligible to hold NBFI membership and compete in our events, you must be free from the use of all steroids, growth hormones and peptides (categories S0, S1.1 and S2) for a minimum of seven years prior to your first competition with the association, all “over the counter” anabolic agents and hormone/metabolic modulators (categories S1.2 & S4) for a minimum of three years prior to your first competition with the association and stimulants, diuretics and beta 2 agonists (categories S3, S5 & S6) for a minimum of 6 months prior to your first competition with the association.  Narcotics, cannabinoids and glucocorticoids (categories S7, S8 and S9) are banned “in competition” and athletes are required not to have these substances in their system when competing.

Muscle implants are forbidden, as are blood, gene and cell doping/manipulation and the tampering of samples collected for analysis (prohibited methods M1, M2 & M3).

Any athlete prescribed a substance which appears on the prohibited list by a licensed medical professional for a genuine diagnosed medical condition which cannot reasonably be treated without the use of that substance can apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).  Please contact the association directly and the antidoping officer will assess your case and take you through this process if you are eligible.

All NBFI members MUST ensure they are eligible for membership BEFORE they apply by checking and substances they have ingested against the WADA prohibited list in its current form as shown on the WADA website and are responsible throughout their membership for ensuring they adhere to the guidelines laid out in the rules of the association and the prohibited list and alter the use of any substances which may subsequently be added to the list.

Any drug test failures will result in disqualification from all events that the failed athlete has competed in during that season and a subsequent ban from NBFI/INBA/PNBA membership from any period between one year and life (depending on the substance detected)

The NBFI and its officials CANNOT endorse ANY supplement or product for being “safe” to use in competition unless its manufacturing process has been guaranteed to the association.  It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that no ingredients of any product used appear on the banned list, and for the manufacturer to confirm that the product contains nothing but the listed ingredients.  If in doubt, don’t use it.

The database at is a useful resource to check medications and single ingredients to see if they feature on the prohibited list, but will NOT list most sports supplements as they contain multiple ingredients and often “proprietary blends” that do not indicate their ingredient makeup.  If a product that you search for on the database is not found, please do not assume that it is permitted for use.